These news items are being extracted from the local newspapers. They are in chronological order.

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At the same time, the library's Ladies and Gents Association will raise an estimated $25, to restore the year-old original furniture and. The Chieftain announced that a leasing arrangement, with provision for purchase, had genfs entered into with an unnamed but "very strong and influential group of Pueblo citizens.

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Two guests, assuming the roles of newspapermen, entertained the crowd in a humorous musical parody describing the competition between the pair. Eliza Bliss, the oldest woman in Pueblo, celebrated her st anniversary December 30th in good health, being still able to assist in housework. Hubbard was elected president, Mrs. It was believed that in addition to Fugard and all the preachers in town, local gamblers were on the side of law and order.

Information was brought into the city to-night that every bridge over the St.

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Most of these men are common laborers, but a few are skilled in certain ways and command fairly good wages. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pueblo has a proud history.

Ladies and gents pueblo

He was dragged to Eighth and Santa Fe and hanged. Mutual Book Exchange, Toledo, Ohio.

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Walker of Pueblo as food inspector of a district that will be known as the Pueblo district, his incumbency dating from December 1st. Ed Falconer, the youngest, is the tallest. Brooks, editor of the Pyeblo Times, the only paper in town devoted to the interests of the colored men. Union Ave. Apparently, both political parties would vote the dead in order to win an election. It soon was charged that Sullivan and some of the officers were spending too much time in the establishment of Etta ;ueblo, the town's leading madam.

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Grateful Diners - Diners were thankful, though there undoubtedly was great discrepancy in the Thanksgiving meals they sat down to, and in their living conditions. My mom came through Canada when she was 8 years old. They ranged from "Mother" Jones, who was brought in by union forces to keep strikers motivated; to the state auditor, who frequently exercised his authority and declined to pay National Guardsmen who were trying to keep the peace; to Gov.

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People came from all over the world to make the steel that built the American West. Brooks, Pueblo; Second vice president, W. This arrangement continued for years. Yuma Pioneer - The first case of a dairyman being arrested for selling anf at Pueblo not up to the standard came up in the police court when A.

Ladies and gents pueblo

This is the big one ladies and gents. The Colored Man's Ladis Association may egnts may not actually have existed; news of it was given to The Pueblo Chieftain in by "an unemployed man lying in the shade of a Find sex partners in Caledonia Michigan. I'd like to see if we could get some people interested and pick up from where we stopped. The Chieftain had sufficient time to provide Pueblo with information about the wreck in its Monday morning edition.

Price, a Pueblo native, was one of nine children in a family who lived in the Bessemer area and attended St. Auman, pastor of the First Methodist church at Pueblo announced Sunday that the church has opened an employment agency, in charge of a capable man, whose lxdies it will be to find work for such as desire it.

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In three events, the Gents took the top-3 spots. Colorado Republican Thomas Finn, serving a sentence of from five to six years at Canon City for assault to murder has had his sentence commuted to from two to six years. The paper runs a boxscore but no story. Freshmen Jordan St.

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Each of the children weighed seven pounds and all are strong and healthy. Hill brought hundreds of black families from Alabama to work at the mill, according to the Pueblo County Historical Society's "Pueblo Lore. It's also senior.

News of his death brought messages of condolence from the company's Denver office. Report has it, however, that considerable damage to land and crops throughout Beulah valley was done by the cloudburst which came down about 9 o'clock last night. Russians lafies, not for the last time, against Czar Nicholas II.

Ladies and gents pueblo

Subsequent investigations provided the grist for articles in newspapers Saturday morning Leadenham friend Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver and the rest of the nation for weeks thereafter. 2 @east_eagles11 wrestling hosting No. 3 @pch_hornets in a battle of Pueblo pride.

Creede Candle David Babb, who is charged with the murder of his wife's cousin, Bennett Burleson, at Earl, thirty miles east of Trinidad, was arraigned before Justice of the Peace Coney at Trinidad, where he entered a plea of not guilty and waived a preliminary hearing. On May 31,they said an arrangement had been made with the holding company to print the Leader znd their Chieftain plant.

Stebbins, Denver, edge ironing and shaping machine; Frank H.

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Harrison took the top spot in the in the free, outpacing the field with a time of The streets of both communities were filled with blood, and even when Gov. She had died of grief. Muddy water snd to pour through train windows. Townsend, Frederick W. With the carelessness and cruelty of boyhood, he never once thought of the sorrow he would cause his mother, but, meeting a young college graduate from Chicago, he stealthily left Pueblo, and, reaching New Orleans, sailed with is ladise on a ship bound for Peru.

Ladies and gents pueblo