The theme this year was the Union Jack national flag in honour of Brexit finally happening. They had decorated their rooms with suitable bunting, flags and memorabilia. We had agreed that everyone evdnts have a savoury light meal at home and then bring something for dessert enough for themselves and just one or two more. The buffet table was groaning with lots of forbidden fruits, chocolates, trifles and sugar-coated goodies of various kinds.

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Because we could not hear the cheers and boos coming from Devon above the noise we were making, they had devised their own way of being heard: After we had said goodbye to Devon we enjoyed a very sweet supper.

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This being the start of the 7th day of the festival meant that the room was very quickly bright with 56 festival candles plus two lots of Shabbat candles that we lit once the Hanukah candles were all ablaze. So we were 15 lindoln So we were 19 altogether! One highlight was the delicious apple strudel Peter had made with apples he had Free dating females that morning from his tree.

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Despite the fact that LIM members bump into the special festival nusach and melodies just once a year, they soon got back into the swing of the occasion and ended the service with a lovely rendition of the Yigdal used only during the High Holydays. They were both at the recent Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration and had asked if they could attend our next LIM service and what delightful guests they were.

Yet we were still able to gather as a minyan with Brian and Amanda ing us from the south, Kevin and Shelley from the north and D and K via Skype from Devon. Kabbalat Shabbat - 18 August This being newish middle of August, our s were down for the Erev Shabbat service and meal. Because we had a minyan, we began the evening by saying Kaddish for Olga in memory of her former husband, Peter.

We cast breadcrumbs into the stream while Steve read the short Tashlich service from the Machsor. As a final extra surprise, Steve and Micky then presented us all with more gifts.

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Everyone agreed that this was a very moving and worthy way to celebrate Simchat Torah. Everyone had a role to play because in the Torah service we called up three people, have Haftorah and a short dvar Torah from Steve. We all came wearing something with a cat theme. Kabbalat Shabbat - 27 May Kabbalat Shabbat on 27 May saw the arrival of a potential new member for our community.

Father Colin and 2 of his congregants also ed us for our services on both days.

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We welcomed new guests to our small community. All in all, this was a lovely way to end what has been a wonderful year for LIM.

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Having a leisurely meal together means we have time to chat and catch up on the last few weeks since we met. Jacky then showed us all a real Megilla Esther that she had brought. Pawel was keen for us event try his special recipe borscht followed by pirogi with yoghurt; then we had salmon, quiche, salad and finally cheesecake and fresh fruit salad.

With the celebration of Simchat Jewihs completed we said goodbye to Karen and Dorothy on Skype before enjoying yet another delicious pot luck supper with everyone, students included, providing a dish. Back in D and K had established a precedent when they surprised us all by sending each one of us a small gift. We will return to the theme of silly hats.

As the readings progressed linckln cheers and boos and rattlings became ever louder as we heard the hero and villain names. We then all went outside to enter the Succah and take turns to shake the Arba Minim in the prescribed six directions.

Jewish events in lincoln

Scholars had calculated that the conclusion to the period of counting of the Omer coincided chronologically with the events on Mount Sinai. After the service led by Steve, Naomi was put in charge of reorganising the room so we could all be seated to ebents home-made soup, bread and cake for supper.

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And this being a festival, there was not a single calorie in anything!! We comfortably had a minyan because we were ed by D and K in Devon on Skype.

Jewish events in lincoln

Steve explained how, traditionally, a community would evenst two deserving members by appointing them as Chatan Torah and Chatan Bereshit to read the Brachot before the Torah readings at the end and then the beginning of the Torah. Ruth was still recovering from her recent surgery so she and Natan were absent.

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After lunch steve led a half-hour shiur study session on the topic of sin, what it was and why we should be reflecting on our lives as we spend the coming days leading into Yom Kippur. After the reading we said goodbye to D and K and then with great anticipation explored all the goodies on the buffet table. We all participated because in the Torah service we call up three people, have Haftorah and a short dvar Torah from Steve.

D and K ed us via skype from Devon. The Omaha JCC, located roughly an hour from downtown Lincoln, houses several Offers classes and programs in current events in Israel, basic Judaism,​. Events are targeted towards students of all spiritual backgrounds including Reform.

Jewish events in lincoln

The one change we had made this year following advice from Naomi last year was to put the extremely expensive Etrog in the freezer and use it again this year. We are dedicated to social action in accordance with the Jewish tenet of tikkun olam, repairing the Jeish Candle-Lighting Times for Lincoln, Nebraska, USA​.

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After the Service, Steve gave a very clear, amusing and informative explanation about the festival of Succot, the Lulav and Etrog and the building of the Succah. Hillel is the largest foundation for Jewish campus life in the world! After Jane had lit uewish Shabbat candles to bring Shabbat in, Steve G led the service and the room was soon resounding to some enthusiastic singing in Hebrew by everyone, visitors included. Naomi once again came up trumps with Rigby ID adult personals wonderful Hamantaschen and of course she made far too many, which gave us all an excuse to indulge even more lindoln them.