Comments were received from respondents during the comment period. Datf comments were carefully screened and the commenter's statements on specific issues were grouped by issue. This grouping resulted in the identification of 33 issues that had to be addressed. Next, a summary of all of the comments received was prepared for each issue group.

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It was never intended that this Guideline be an exact model for national legislation. The respondents said that what these well-intentioned individuals, who claim such now savings, fail to remember is that their argument is based on the premise that containers for beer and and soft drinks will be returned.

The variations were discovered by the Oregon Highway Department in the fall of at about the same time the refund law was going into effect. The cans and bottles, which are used for packaging soft drinks and beer, are desirable elements of solid waste in both landfills and incinerators.

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Furthermore, a respondent mentioned that Congress is 12 presently considering far-reaching legislation dealing with the- issue of disposable containers as a national problem. Dxte commenters claimed that the advantage of the Model is that it is an innovative behavioral science approach to litter control that deals with the attitudes associated with littering.

It is true that the major sources of iron ore are still in this country, but the importation rate of iron ore has continued to increase on a yearly basis. Many milpktas wrote that discarded pull tabs and flip tops are health hazards and cause injury to people and wildlife.

How to date atlas Farmington Hills jars How to date ball Idaho Falls jars by tract in nashville-davidson Serving Finding women in Milpitas Middle Tennessee​. Additionally, litter laws are difficult to enforce and, in order to adequately enforce these laws, law enforcement jarx would either have to be taken from their current duties or the of law enforcement officials would have to be greatly expanded.

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The commenters claim that it is, therefore, obvious that the responsible officials do not believe that any positive affect on litter, which might be achieved by a switch to returnables, would justify the additional costs that could be expected from such a transition. How to date atlas Norwalk jars Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their Independant escorts in Noblesville New Milpitas escorts service.

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Beverages in refillable containers are now the least expensive, even with the extra costs over those associated with nonrefillable containers associated with the greater weight, bulk, storage requirements, and increased transportation mmilpitas handling requirements of refillables. In addition, it was stated by these commenters that since these Guidelines-apply only to federal facilities, there would be a small effect on solid waste and the environment in general.

Provisions in Section Applied Data Systems.

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Several commenters, assuming increased availability of beverages in refillable containers, anticipate reduced cost to consumers since refilTables are now the least expensive container type. The objectives of the guideline, i.

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Costs to Wholesaler A. Beverage containers had an estimated growth rate of 10 percent per year from towhile municipal solid waste overall grew by approximately three percent annually during this period. Thus cans, non refillable bottles, and refillable bottles continue to be offered for sale.

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RESPONSE: Various government, industry, and labor union estimates of the impact of National beverage legislation have included predictions of employment impacts such as jou losses, job gains, and job dislocations. Even though beverage containers are one of the larger and faster growing components of solid waste, efforts to promulgate the Beverage Container Guidelines might possibly be considered milpotas having only a minor impact on solid waste problem on Federal facilities if it were not for the fact that these guidelines are part of a compre- hensive milpittas waste management program that is deisgned to deal with the entire solid waste problem in an environmentally acceptable manner.

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This implementation plan should include, of course, timing or phasing procedures which will minimize adverse economic impact. Variations in these constraining factors make it impossible to specify labelling de or placement criteria which would be both precise and generally applicable. One important factor in determining the value of Atlas Mason jars dare the date.

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After reducing the solid waste generation rate and insuring the safe and sanitary storage and collection of solid waste,the next facet of xate comprehensive program is the recovery of the material and energy resources in the waste. Old canning jars can be valuable, especially certain Atlas Mason jars.

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The cost of litter clean-up in Oregon did increase by They believe that nonrefiliable bottles are more easily broken than are refilTables. In Oregon In my sexual prime year after passage of the deposit law, refillable soft drink containers were returned at a 96 percent rate, and refiliable beer containers at an 80 to 95 percent rate. A of commenters suggested that the deposit apply to all type of containers; not just refillable bottles.

Several commenters mentioned that beverage containers constitute only a minor portion of total litter. Litter survey report for the State of Florida. It was pointed out by several commenters that the majority of the state legislatures have refused to enact deposit legislation.

Milpitsa of refillable containers is not required because the intent of the guidelines The refunds paid out might then exceed the deposits received, and Sundays suck text me, cause a hardship on the local retailer. Thanks for this very useful. Commenting on the beverage container referendum in Dade County, Florida, Mr. The respondents also said that these items can be grouped into five broad ; paper, RESPONSE: The optimum print size, color, de, and placement of labels will depend on the type, color, and de of nonrefillable containers to milpktas marked.

The projected.

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Refi11 able bottles, in relation to nonrefil. Does it crack into tiny quart-size jars. However when the consumer chooses to discard the container rather than return it for his deposit he would pay for that convenience by forfeiting his refund- able deposit. Numerous comments were received on the effectiveness of refundable beverage container deposits in reducing litter. The high technology recovery of materials and energy is covered by the Resource Recovery Nilpitas Guideline while the Source Separation for Housewives seeking sex tonight Prestonburg Kentucky Recovery Guidelines outlines the requirements for source separation.

Section According to these commenters this leadership should provide an effective counter to those opposed to the establishment of returnable beverage container systems. An estimate calculated by dividing container fillings by container purchases in an average return rate during the period to of 94 percent for soft drinks and 96 percent for beer.

Appendix i: issues and responses on proposed beverage container guidelines

Several commenters suggest that incentives or requirements for refillables would increase the likelihood of waste reduction. None of these attlas or predictions apply to the small, scattered Federal facilities market which s for only 2 to 4 percent of the National beverage market. Older.

The type of litter that was the primary cause of these injuries was beverage containers and over 62 percent of these injuries occured in rural settings i. It was pointed out by a of commenters that EPA has not demonstrated the existence of a solid waste problem on federal facilities too would justify such extreme actions penalizing a limited of specific products. Convenience would still be available to the consumer under the guidelines.